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Yael Shternberg is a visual artist and designer, born and raised in Israel.
She received her BFA in Fashion and Jewelry from Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem, Israel (2013) and is currently living in Berlin, Germany. 


Her work explores the relationship between body and mind by emphasizing the importance of body positivity. Her work is multidisciplinary and includes Painting, Illustrating, clothing and performance wear construction, textile and print development.

After shifting the focus from fashion design to painting with acrylic colors, Shternberg has created a bold colorful signature painting style. The artist's intentions are to represent Inspiring and diverse individuals rather than an idealized beauty standard. She creates large paintings of people in different sizes, shapes and colors

"I create with love for people, inspired by people"

Y. Shternberg

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Yael Shternberg

12051 Berlin, Germany 

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