Hello dear guests and welcome to my world.

My name is Yael Shterenberg and I am an artist and a fashion designer.

I was born and raised in Israel, and have been based in BERLIN since 2017.

I have graduated from the BEZALEL art and design academy in Jerusalem,

Israel and since then I have not stop creating.

I worked in theater and with different art performers on their costumes and

I love to create avant-garde and playful clothing.

I have founded my street wear label back in 2014 and I create 2 collections a year, featuring original prints that I illustrate.

You can order basic wear with the prints, and you can order One of A-kind 

garments I produce in the studio.

I am also an artist, painting on large scale canvas exploring color and shapes and my art deals with body image and gender boundaries.

I illustrate every day. I paint and sew.

I create with love, to people, inspired by people.

I dare to dream.

What about you?

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Want to collaborate or just ask a question? 

12051, Berlin    St.Nu: DE 16 532 07237


Thanx for the message!