Original artwork

`Tiny Dancers´
2021 - 2022



rinse & repeat
Acrylic on canvas, various sizes, 2018-2019, Rinse & Repeat by Yael Shterenberg exhibition, Frisur HUE, Berlin November 30th (-September 2019

The latest exhibition by Shterenberg was hosted byhair salon HUE in Berlin, where they celebrated an evening of art and fashion. The series featured paintings inspired by Michael Levi, an Israeli performer. All paintings on large size canvas displaying a character you cant look away from. inspiring and empowering. vivid colors and black lined shapes tracing a body, large and inviting. 



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Note To Self
 Acrylic on canvas, various sizes, 2018-2019, Ri.baund showcase: אלביתי exhibition, Moviemento kino, Berlin June13th-17th 2019

A repetitive examination of the self and the female body is in the center of this body of works. The self portrait's present an alter-ego image that is reflecting upon the artists own image using an androgynous figure. The series is collecting pieces and moments relating to the Immigration process.

Shterenberg's almost-completely exposed body offers an exploration of one's new identity which changes through time and explores new shapes and line to follow through.


Panda And The Red Balloons

A journey following a dream of a lost panda in the city of Berlin. This project was a first exploration of animation artwork. The idea was to collaborate on a short film expressing the state of mind of this collection.

The fashion collection featured panda patterns and 100% cotton wool.
Short film by Nitay ShalemS

Vote for panda Print collection and animation based on hand illustration. Edit by Nitay Shalem